At digitalJ2, we apply our own optimized methodology to the already brilliant inbound marketing approach.

At digitalJ2, we apply our own optimized methodology to the already brilliant inbound marketing approach. Our team uses the Scrum Model – where we work in three-week sprints for each client and campaign, followed by a review period.This model lets us deeply focus on the various aspect of the campaign, then stop and meticulously analyze our results and progress up to that point. Our clients’ campaigns are in a constant state of improvement, where we research, test, analyze and implement positive changes. This process allows us to continually learn and stay ahead of the curve.

Why Trust the Inbound Marketing Approach?

The very definition of marketing is to promote your products or services. You must be where your audience is, and start a conversation to accomplish this. With inbound marketing, the conversation is not one sided. You engage with your customers on their chosen platform, and enter into a genuine give and take. You give answers to their problems, and they take your offered solution. Our methodology lets you use this tactic to its full advantage with consistent content creation and updates. At DigitalJ2, we understand the importance of meeting your consumers on their terms. Inbound marketing comes from a place of mutual respect and value – not shouting at an audience in the hope that your message sticks with one or two people.

We use content creation, social media content, events, search engine optimization, and similar tactics to attract new business and spread brand awareness organically. Inbound marketing earns the attention of your target audience instead of rudely demanding it. In a world inundated with messages and content, be the brand that speaks to consumers the way they want to be spoken to. Inbound marketing gives you the power to give customers the exact answers they seek at the exact right moment. At the same time, social media encourages sharing, while mobile marketing grants access anywhere, at anytime. Build trust, earn a reputation and become an authority in your market with inbound marketing through our team.

The Benefits of Constant Analysis and Change

Today’s sales funnel is not linear or stagnant – it’s a customer lifecycle in which the consumer is at the center. Our methodology ensures that your inbound marketing process is optimized at every touchpoint within the customer sales process. We make constant pivots and changes to each and every campaign, based on their unique needs. Every campaign we manage is in a state of continuous change, learning, and improvement.

At digitalJ2, we know that no two campaigns are the same. We also know that a turnkey approach to marketing no longer works for today’s consumers. They are hungry for personalization – for a brand that speaks to the individual, not the whole.

Therefore, every campaign needs to change and grow to stay agile with continually evolving consumers. Our approach makes this possible. Our team continually puts our initial hypotheses to the test. We test and analyze our efforts at different stages of the process. We look at what’s going well, and what has room for improvement. Then, we adapt our strategy to optimize the campaign from top to bottom. In the ever-changing buyer market, you can stay ahead of trends, and avoid the fads. Let data guide your decisions and take your next action step – collaborate with digitalJ2 for unparalleled campaign agility.