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Inbound Marketing

Why Inbound Marketing?

A lot has changed since that inception of the Internet. In the pre-Internet world, information about products and services was not readily available and buyers relied heavily on salespeople to get access to the information needed prior to making an informed buying decision. In today’s Internet world, information is readily available for buyers to conduct research prior to making a buying decision. Inbound marketing enables your business to align with this shift.

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Inbound Marketing


At the start of the buyer’s journey, buyers are likely to be unaware of your brand or that they even have a need. At this stage, they are doing research on something they’ve noticed is a pain in their life. In a majority of cases that research is being done on Google.


Once buyers have narrowed down their options, they typically return to the research stage again to seek out potential solutions.


This is where leads turn into paying customers! At this stage of the funnel, we use specific marketing tools like marketing automation, lead nurturing, and social media monitoring to make sure the most qualified leads are closed at the perfect time.


Everything went well with their purchase, and your buyers are happy with where they’ve ended up at the end of their journey, they can become a valuable marketing resource.

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“We learned with digitalJ2 and Hubspot, that it’s much easier to increase our revenue by doubling our conversion rate than by doubling the traffic. The insight by the team at digitalJ2 helped us to identify our primary customer and to write content that would trigger and emotional response that they would want more of.”

Matt Phillips
President & CMO


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