Terms of Service

  • Other Fees: HubSpot’s fees and any other subscription fees will be billed directly to the customer.
  • Contract Start Date: The day of the Client’s kickoff call with their digitalJ2 assigned team.
  • Payment Terms: The entire project fee will be due to initiate the project. 
  • Contract Start Date: The day of the Client’s scheduled kickoff call.
  • Additional Work Request Policy: Any work requested not agreed upon in this agreement will be billed separately.
  • Late Payments: If an invoice is not paid on time, to the maximum extent allowable by law, digitalJ2 will charge a late fee of 3% per month on any overdue and unpaid balance not in dispute.
  • Breach of Contract: If the Client engages with another agency to accomplish the same work while our contract is active without presenting written notice or terminating the agreement, we reserve the right to keep the deposit and charge the final payment.
  • Non-Solicitation: I agree that during my relationship with digitalJ2, and for one year following the termination of my relationship with digitalJ2, I will not (a) directly or indirectly solicit, induce, or attempt to solicit or induce any employee of digitalJ2 to terminate or negatively alter his or her relationship with digitalJ2 and/or (b) directly or indirectly solicit or attempt to solicit the employment of any employee of digitalJ2.
  • Confidentiality: digitalJ2 will always maintain the confidentiality of all information provided to digitalJ2 regarding the Client, except to the extent that such information is publicly available at no fault of digitalJ2.
    • digitalJ2
      • digitalJ2’s pricing and quotes are given to the Client
      • digitalJ2’s processes and trade secrets
      • Information discovered about digitalJ2’s clients
    • Client
      • Client’s processes, trade secrets, or operations
      • Unreleased news discussed but not ready for the public
  • Additional Tools & Software & Cost: digitalJ2 may require specific tools/software/services to support our efforts. The Client agrees to be responsible for all costs (one-time or monthly) for such tools/software. digitalJ2 agrees that it will not purchase or subscribe to such software without pre-approval from the Client.
  • Authorization: The Client agrees to give digitalJ2 access to all tools, software, websites, social media, landing pages, accounts, etc., they will need to access. digitalJ2 will secure and protect all passcodes to the best of its ability. Only authorized representatives of digitalJ2 will be allowed to access passwords as needed.
  • Indemnity: Both parties agree to hold the other party to indemnify and hold harmless digitalJ2, its Owners, its principals, officers, employees, and contractors against all suits, actions, claims, demands, or costs of any kind to which they may be subject arising or resulting at any time or place from anything done or omitted to be done by them in connection with this project. The Client hereby waives all claims which, but for this waiver, it may have, or which it may hereafter acquire, against digitalJ2, its Owners, its principals, officers, employees, and contractors arising or resulting at any time or place from anything done or omitted to be done by them regarding this project.
  • Non-Disclosure: digitalJ2, its employees, and its subcontractors agree that, except as directed by the Client, it will not at any time during or after the term of this agreement disclose any non-public Confidential Information to any person whatsoever. Likewise, the Client agrees not to convey any non-public confidential information obtained about the digitalJ2 to another party.
  • Assignment of Project: digitalJ2 reserves the right to assign certain subcontractors to this project if it sees the need to do so to meet the requirements of this agreement.
  • Account Manager: The Client will be assigned an account manager. This account manager will act as the primary point of contact with digitalJ2’s personnel and respond to all communications within 24 hours on workdays unless otherwise notified (and subject to reasonable exceptions).
  • Client Contact: digitalJ2 will require one point of contact during the Contract for clarifying requirements and communications. digitalJ2 needs this person to be available to answer questions arising from the project within 48 hours on workdays (subject to reasonable exceptions) and to have the authority to make design and related decisions on the system.
  • External Parties: digitalJ2 is not responsible for any delay or defect caused by a separate third party or the Client’s in-house teams.
  • Backups: digitalJ2 maintains internal backups of active project code and design files. This backup system is not intended as a solution for the Client but as a project material archive throughout this Agreement. While the digitalJ2 backup system is fully redundant, it is not guaranteed and does not support any content produced by the Client. The Client is solely responsible for the Backup and Restoration of the Finished Product(s) and any associated data.
  • Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by and construed under the laws of the State of Florida.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made 7 days before the client’s scheduled kickoff date. There is no option for cancellation less than 7 days before the client’s scheduled kickoff date, and any attempt to cancel during this period will result in loss of funds paid to -date.

Refund Policy

The only time a refund will be issued is in coordination with following the Cancellation Policy, in which cancellations made 7 days or more before the scheduled kickoff date will receive a 100% refund. 

Cancellations made within less than 7 days of the scheduled kickoff call are nonrefundable.