digitalJ2 is a proven revenue growth agency for growth-oriented companies. We fuel your revenue growth by building predictable and measurable marketing and sales solutions. One of the key ways we do that is by creating in-depth, strategic growth strategies.

Get Results by Investing in Marketing.

digitalJ2 is one of the largest Mid-Atlantic HubSpot Agencies. We understand how frustrating it is to invest in growth and not get the results you’re looking for. When you partner with digitalJ2, we’ll help you inspire positive change within your organization that leaves your competitors in the dust. 

You’ll be confident and excited knowing that you’re being guided by an industry expert with experience in growing businesses through proven processes.



SENNEBOGEN, a leading German material handling manufacturer, was faced with the challenge of penetrating the North America market with a brand-new product and a brand-new target market that’s never seen a machine like the 718 in the industry.

By the end of 2018, SENNEBOGEN was able to generate great brand recognition in the tree service industry, bring roughly 80 prospects to a live equipment demo event, and sell 17 out of the 18 machines they made available for 2018.

This generated $9.3 million worth of new revenue to fuel even bigger goals for 2019. On top of that, SENNEBOGEN now has a direct channel to communicate with prospects and customers in a way that they’ve never done before.

“digitalJ2’s most significant selling point is that they care about our growth just as much as their own growth. They know by being a trusted partner to us, it will help ignite their own business.”

Constantino Lannes | President | SENNEBOGEN LLC

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Not Completely Satisfied?

We Offer a MONEY-BACK Guarantee. 

Our growth strategies offer a comprehensive look at your current marketing initiatives, your competitors’ marketing, as well as an in-depth strategy to grow your business. We are confident you’ll love the growth strategy we make for your business. And if you aren’t totally satisfied, we’ll give you a refund. Request your risk-free growth strategy now!


Everything we do, we do to fuel our customers’ success. In just 1.5-2.5 months, digitalJ2 will put together a full, comprehensive growth strategy to help guide your business’s marketing efforts. 
In this Growth Strategy package, marketing and sales leaders will be guided in creating a growth platform for high growth. Together, we will identify, and document marketing and sales shared growth goals and establish an actionable definition of your target markets and ideal buyers.
Using this foundation, we will develop a buyer’s journey, content strategy, and promotional strategy necessary to attract, convert, and close leads into customers, and retain customers to extend lifetime value.

1. Kick Off Call

During this call, we will get our team and yours ready to begin. We will establish timelines, set expectations, schedule meetings, and interviews, agree on goals, as well as gain access to any accounts we need. This step of our process is vital as it sets the stage and sets us up to best help your business succeed.

2. Diagnostic Analysis

During this stage in the process, we will conduct an in-depth, comprehensive analysis of both digital and sales efforts across the company. We’ll also look at the current and historical industry data. Then, after looking at the data, we’ll conduct a content audit, competitor analysis, and a user experience review.

3. Build The Foundation

After we have looked at and analyzed all of the current and historical data, we will begin to build a foundation to set our strategy up for success. This is where we take the time to create important assets such as buyer personas, ideal customer profiles, messaging development, and establish the factors that differentiate you from your competitors. Then we take all of those and establish realistic, tangible goals and KPIs.

4. Strategy Creation

By now, we will have all of the essential and necessary assets needed to build a strong growth strategy. First, we identify areas of the biggest opportunity for your business. Then from there, we develop a step-by-step plan of what it would take to get your business to its growth goal. We base our plan and strategy on a company-wide revenue funnel we build, providing high-level insight into your company’s spending.

Rest Assured, You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Once we have taken the time to build your personalized, detailed, strategic growth strategy, it’s time to execute. The digitalJ2 difference is that we don’t force you into a contract to get the growth strategy. After building your growth strategy, you have the option to bring it to your internal team to execute. We also offer opportunities where we partner with and support your internal team or implement the strategy ourselves completely. The option is yours.



Request your connect call with one of our Growth Engineers to build your playbook and get started today with our growth agency.