Looking for new ways to grow your eCommerce business? We can help make that happen. Our eCommerce Marketing services extend throughout your customer’s buyer journey to promote growth.

eCommerce Marketing. The Name Says It All.

Targeted traffic generation, lead conversion and nurturing, new customer acquisition and retention, and extending customer lifetime value (LTV): We have a proven playbook to fuel eCommerce growth.


Lead Conversion

On average, roughly 2-4% of your traffic will convert into sales. Lead offers in exchange for email addresses convert at a much higher rate, providing you the opportunity to nurture and convert leads into customers.


Customer Acquisition

With the use of eCommerce marketing automation, you can provide the right content and offers to the right customer, at the right time to improve conversion rates, increase sales, and create a great customer experience that will promote repeat business.

Targeted Traffic

Grow the right traffic and convert it into sales.

Customer Retention

Extending customer lifetime value is the holy grail of scaling value in your eCommerce business. Creating happy customers and staying connected is key.

“Customer retention is about creating happy customers and getting rewarded with repeat purchases. Repeat purchases extend customer lifetime value, which in turn makes every new customer more valuable as well.”

What Our Customers Have to Say

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

“As our eCommerce business matured, I quickly realized we needed to do a much better job marketing to our existing customers. I hired digitalJ2 and HubSpot and they crushed it! Over a 9-month period, existing customer sales grew 68%.”

Cliff Morgan

Founder & CEO, GFUEL

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