Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing isn’t just a service. It’s a methodology that can fuel exponential growth for your business.

What Is The Inbound Methodology?

The customer is at the core of inbound marketing.

Rather than pushing a brand, product or service onto prospects, inbound marketing draws visitors and prospects in with valuable content that answers their questions or solves the problems they already have. Then, we convert them into customers that will drive sustainable growth for your business.


How Do We Do That?

Attract Visitors

We will work with your team to identify your revenue goals and work backward with our full-funnel revenue calculator to establish KPIs for your inboud marketing initiatives.

Convert Visitors into Leads

Engage your visitors with relevant content and capture their information for further nurturing. 

Hit Your Revenue Targets

Close your leads with timely content and automation to hit your revenue goals. 

What’s Our Key Differentiator?

Your customers should be at the heart of everything you do. We help our client’s create detailed and accurate buyer personas for them to use across their marketing strategy.

To help our customers generate traffic and become a thought leader in their industry, we help them create content that answers the questions their audience is already searching the answer for.

We help our customer’s employ the Story Brand framework to help them consistently convert prospects.

What Skills Do We Have?


  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • CRM Implmentation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Strategies


  • Content Creation
  • Paid Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Messaging, Branding & More


  • Tech Stack Consolidation
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Automation
  • Analytics

What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

“digitalJ2’s most significant selling point is that they care about our growth just as much as their iwn growth and they know by being a trusted partner to us, it will help ignite their own business”

Constantino Lannes
President | Sennebogen LLC

Who’s On Our Team?

Account Manager

As your primary point of contact, your Account Manager will be working to develop and execute your day-to-day strategies. They will always be there to answer your questions, collaborate, and help you grow.


Your copywriter is dedicated to creating content tailored to your brand to help build relationships with your audience and bolster brand awareness. Our copywriters are highly skilled and equipped to take your content marketing to the next level.

What Is Our Proven Process?

Step #1: Getting-To-Know-Each-Other Phase
First, we want to get to know you! We’ll set up a 30-minute call for us to learn and better understand who you are. We want to know about your current marketing efforts, and what you’re ultimately trying to achieve. This call will help us understand whether or not we’re a good fit, and if we move forward into the next phase.

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Step #2: Growth Strategy Phase (1.5 – 2 months)
If we agree that we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll start getting to work analyzing your website and overall digital marketing strategy. The insights we gain will help us create a strategic plan which will include our recommended improvements and the opportunities where we see the potential for growth. Don’t like our suggestions? No worries! Our Growth Strategies come with a money-back guarantee.

Step #3: Growth Phase
Like our Growth Strategy? Want to work with us? Great. We will immediately roll up our sleeves and get to work. Your Growth Strategist will begin working with our talented Inbound Marketing Managers to make improvements to your digital marketing strategy that are designed to ignite growth. If at any time either of us identifies an opportunity or need to make a change, that’s not a problem. Our team and process is agile so we are able to make pivots right away.

Every 90 days after that…
Together, we’ll take a look at how we’re doing. How is the strategy performing? Are there any opportunities for more growth? Then, we will reset our objectives and create the next quarter’s plan.

Who’s A Good Fit?

Do you see a need for data visibility & reporting?
Data visibility and reporting is a vital piece of the puzzle. How many of your leads turn into qualified leads? How many of them turn into customers? What is your ROI for paid search? How much traffic, leads, qualified leads, and customers are generated from organic search, referrals, and paid media? Our data visibility and reporting solutions will answer those questions so you can learn more about your customers and reach them easier.
Does your website need enhancement?
Ongoing optimizations and improvements are important in order to maintain a high-quality website. In order to grow, your website must be dynamic so that visitors will convert into leads.
Could you utilize marketing automation software?
HubSpot offers services that can take your marketing efforts to the next level. However, without utilizing all of HubSpot’s services, such as lead nurturing, smart lists, workflows and more, your growth is bound to plateau.
Does your content lack the traffic it deserves?
We know that ranking at the top of a Google search page is tough. However, using our team’s skills and the resources we have at our fingertips, we can make sure more people see the value of your offering by getting to your website and reading your content.
Do you need help blogging and strong content that converts?
You probably already know the importance of creating content. However, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Luckily, we create the quality content that your digital marketing is craving. From valuable eBooks, blogs, infographics and more, we have the ability to take your digital marketing strategy to another level with customer-centric content that can fuel revenue growth.

Inbound Marketing Pricing

Our inbound marketing packages range from $5,000 – $15,000 and are completely customizable to fit your marketing needs.


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Inbound Marketing FAQs

Q: Without having the background that we have in our industry, how do you become knowledgeable enough to write content for us?
A: During the growth strategy phase, we conduct thorough research of the industry as well as your competitors. To get up to speed quickly, we work with your customer-facing teams to extract industry information your prospects are wanting to know and transfer into digital assets.
Q: How much time do I need to dedicate to our partnership?
A: We estimate about 1-3 hours per month. This will include collaboration meetings and monthly reviews and will depend on the size of your package and the scale of the initiative we take on.
Q: What is the ROI of Inbound Marketing?
A: Inbound Marketing will help you increase website traffic, acquire more qualified leads, and have a higher lead-to-customer conversion percentage. More specifically, since your ROI is dependent on multiple factors, we utilize analytics tools to update you regularly on incoming leads and conversion rates at least once a month.
Q: How do you communicate results/progress?
A: Depending on your preferences, we can work around your availability. From weekly to monthly calls, we offer a variety of options based on your company’s needs. But one thing’s for certain; you will have a monthly review in your inbox once a month that will share progress, learnings, upcoming plans and more.
Q: How long does it take to start seeing results?
A: The amount of time it will take to see results will vary. Depending on your existing efforts, it could take as little as 90 days! As soon as we start working with you, we will determine and act on some quick wins to ignite your growth.
Q: What can Inbound Marketing do for my business?
A: Inbound will help establish your brand as a trusted industry thought leader and build the visibility and credibility needed to attract & convert new customers. Inbound can mean that your ideal customers will look for YOU rather than you always looking for them.
Q: How will you ensure that our sales team is aligned with an outsourced marketing team?
A: Marketing and sales alignment is something that we prioritize and truly value at dJ2. We emphasize collaboration and communication to ensure that we stay aligned at every step of the way.

Don’t Just Take It From Us.

digitalJ2 – Our #1 Revenue Growth Partner

digitalJ2 is far more than a digital marketing agency… they are a proven Revenue Growth Partner for growth-oriented companies! Many in the digital marketing space present a nice sales pitch without delivering real results – not dJ2! They developed a customized Revenue Growth Strategy for my business by building predictable and measurable customized marketing and sales solutions that work! I am very grateful to have Etienne Turner (CEO) and his team working on my companies behalf to Proactively and Innovatively Drive Exponential Revenue Growth. Our Partnership with DJ2 is one of the most Important & Powerful Revenue Growth Weapons in our Arsenal. My recommendation could not come more highly!

John Binkley, CRG
May 20, 2020

Amazing Agency and Smart Team Members

digitalJ2 is an amazing agency and boy do they know the ends and outs of HubSpot. After interviewing 3 vendors to help unravel over 190 workflows that had been developed over many many years, it became clear quickly that digitalJ2 was at the top of the echelon of vendors. In particular our project lead, Alessandro was professional, knowledgeable and quickly adapted to the speed by which our marketing department operates. His knowledge, guidance, advice and steadfastness was incredible. If you’re wondering… would we again use digitalJ2 for any relevant projects, without a doubt and absolutely. You won’t go wrong when you retain or use this firm for project based work.

Melissa Hendrick, TeamSupport, LLC
July 14, 2020

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